I’m slowly opening my eyes. My heard hurts. I see double.

Where am I?

It seems empty all around. My eyes look straight. There’s a girl dancing on the pole. She’s fat, but she’s gracious.

I stand up. I want to go touch her. But my feet bring me away...

I’m slowly opening my eyes again. I’m sitting on those stairs. I used to come here a lot, on Sundays, for lunch. That time has passed. I cry, and close my eyes.

I’m now in the garden. It’s a wonderful garden. So peaceful. A few people walk here and there. The other inhabitants are fishes, and turtles. I fall asleep.

It’s hot now.

I wake up.

It’s all fire all around. Yellow and orange dancing. It’s beautiful. I’m so hot. I’m burning. My skin is melting; it’s dropping. I walk like a zombie. I have no idea where I’m going. But this feels like the end.