The Moment

I didn't try to talk to her. She was waiting for the bus, I guess, or maybe a client. She was beautiful, I find her beautiful. I don't even know why...

She was not pretty, or cute, but she had this charismatic moves that let you know that you're gonna have a difficult time dealing with her, that you might hate her, but that you're still gonna be attracted to her. And you're not gonna be able to let her go.

You know already that this is gonna go nowhere, there's no happy end for it. But you can't make yourself a reason. It's like all your life you've tried to be logical and in those occasions you realize that real life is not, logical. That you might give up everything for that story, for that life, even if you have no idea where it's gonna go except that it's not gonna end well, but it's gonna be full of emotions. Like taking drugs.

Real life? Will I?