The girl of the park


It's not complicated.
When you cross the street, you watch BOTH WAYS!!!
It's FUCKING simple.
Think of it, the ratio, simplicity over safety, nothing can beat that!!!
You watch, you save your life.

I still don't understand people you know. From where do they get that I'm fucking annoying with that? It's just discrimination.
I believe it. I hate it but I believe it.
I'm too tall, I'm too slim. I look like nothing and that's enough to make me a 'boring' person.

Where is this world going, honestly?

This morning, she was crossing the park, going to the uni. She was thinking that she should walk faster, and also who's gonna eat with her at noon.
Then she put one foot on the road. She looked on the right but hey, girl, here it's the left that you have to care about.
Actually it's BOTH WAYS.
Fuck off.

She didn't even notice she was staring at the back of the cars.
Second foot on the road.
Then third. I mean, third step.
That's when the motorbike decided to make a strike. The guy flew. Literally. It could have been funny if his head didn't end up in the rear of this taxi.
The girl moved also.
I felt like in a dream. Not even a nightmare, just a dream, hoping to wake up with a smile because everything is just fantasy.
I ran. I took her in my arms. Usually I'm a shy guy. Well, I guess that when you start forgetting about yourself, that's what happens, you take girls in your arms!
The first thing she told me was 'hey, still alive!' with a smile. She really believed she was ok. Well, baby, you see 10 meters away? Your legs. Yeah, true, actually there's still this 'tube' linking the two parts (I'm not a doctor but it looks like an intestine, sorry) but see the cars there? I don't think they're gonna stop for you...
Well, I'm not a bad guy. I just told this to myself, and smiled back.
Then she said that we should get a coffee once she'll be back on her legs. I smiled once again, but I think she got that this one was faked.
Then she cried, and left.

Did you know you could live 5 minutes in 2 parts?

I rose my head, and felt resigned. I didn't even cry.
I saw the driver of the motorbike. Didn't know people got so much blood.
I didn't even cry. Neither vomit.