It all started with a hangover.

I had met him the previous night. He's my brother, but not really. The thing is we have different parents. But still we chose each other over a decade ago.

I love him, but we can't meet too often. Something about my physical and emotional health. I have also lost a few clothes during our nights, or have woken up wearing garments that were not mine (and which usually belonged to the opposite sex). There were too many times.

I woke up with an unbearable headache that day and was in need for a strong coffee. I jumped into the first place I've found.

The outside wood panels held a sharp red, and it hurt my eyes so much that I had to squint painfully. The only thing I could do was push through the front door.

A mild step I didn't see stopped my left foot mid-air and I floored myself, flying the postcards stand in the process.

The place went silent, people stared at me. I stood up, brushed myself, closed my zipper, and head towards the cafe counter.

And there she was, beaming like the sun.