Mr Good-Heart-Bird

There was a Bird in this Tree.
A nice Bird. Quite common but still, with a nice Bird's heart.
He flew for some hours, over the fields, over some trees, close to a village, to get some food for his 'descendance'.
When He came back, the Tree was down.
Some humans made it fall. They were still torturing Him.
These humans found the Nest, with Mr Good-Heart-Bird's babies inside.
When He came back, two were already dead, reduced to 2 dimensions by some human boots.
He thought that maybe those human laughs and human smiles killed them also.
The two others died in front of His small little eyes.
In a couple of seconds, with a couple of humans, Mr Good-Heart-Bird lost everything.
What else?
He started crying. He knows there's nothing to do to get His loved ones back. He's full of feelings: sadness, hate, but also freedom. He really feels the freedom.
He knows what He has to do.
He goes down, very fast. He got His targets.
Without understanding what's happening in this Bird's heart, mr i-squeeze-some-nice-birds-with-my-fucking-boots-and-laugh (also called fucking-asshole) lost one eye...

Mr Good-Heart-Bird is now lying on the ground. He has been beaten by fucking-asshole's friend.
With a last effort, He made a fly-jump and is now surrounding his family, protecting them. He prays for the humans to squeeze him also.

1 second. Done.

Mr Good-Heart-Bird died happily. With beautiful tears in His eyes. fucking-asshole will remember him forever, and doesn't have another chance to laugh too loud.