The truth is that most of those things didn’t matter.

It’s easy to get lost by your surroundings. You get absorbed. The big picture is getting blur. This is why traveling to a place far far away—both physically and emotionally—always results in a strong kick in the balls.

Eye opening.

Most of those things don’t matter.

What matters is very little.

Human connections. Helping your neighbor. Leaving this place in a better state than when you arrived.

But maybe once you’re gone things will get worse? What was your real impact? How useful were you? Maybe you weren’t... Or maybe your legacy is all the connections you’ve built, which will die soon enough too.

Maybe all of your life is actually just you being selfish.

But maybe if you’ve touched people, and brighten their lives, and their lives is better and they are better people because of you, and you’re dead, and you can’t enjoy it, so where really is the selfishness in that?

That is a question worth asking.