It just started as a pain in the back. On each side of my shoulder blades. Not extremely painful, but still quite uncomfortable. Like pressing the tip of a knife, but coming from the inside.

I got drunk 4 days in a row. My new sleeping medication. So I didn’t really notice what was happening.

But one night I went to bed sober and then I saw. Lots of white... powder? I was not sure. I drink, but no drugs. So I don’t know.

But this morning, the pain was excruciating. And the bed was wet and smelly. That iron scent again.

I rushed to the bathroom, but I couldn’t enter. I couldn’t pass the door. Something was blocking the way. But what?

Oh. Got it.

I got much wider overnight. Two great, white, and beautiful wings showed up on each side of my back.

So I turned around, and jumped from the 18th floor.