Is it real?

You know?...
There's something I want you to hear. Because I love you, so I want to tell the truth.
I have a girlfriend. Sorry, I mean, before, I had a girlfriend, in France.
You know?...
When I was a kid... No, when I was 12 or 13, I couldn't fall asleep. After, always, I couldn't fall asleep. I waited for hours, days, months, years.
One year before I came to Macao, I got this girlfriend. We were living together. One day, I couldn't fall asleep, as usual. And I don't know why... I killed her... like this.
Do you feel it?
Then I came to Macao. That the real reason I'm here, now, with you, talking on this bed.
What about when we'll go back to France?
Well, I had to use a lot of money. I am not Guillaume Leclerc.