This usually happens at the end of the days. And even more good days. Today was a great one.

I was finishing my 6th or 7th drink. The lounge was closing; 1AM already. The discussion started around 7pm, and we were now concluding. Then that asshole arrived.

A big dick from Kangaroo land, drunk. He started approaching our table and spoke words. And smirk. I ignored him completely, not even looking. But that didn't stop him.

He came closer, spurting a river of insanities. I locked into his eyes and told him calmly to go sit down and fuck himself.

He then took a bottle on our table and raised it above his head. That's when I threw the content of my glass into his face, grabbed the light on my right, and smashed it over his face.

He felt down groaning and bleeding. I took the lamp again, now broken, and smashed it a second time on his ruby skull. Some glass was covering his left eye. I pressed it down with my shoe and a liquid started squirting from under.

I put back my shirt in my pants. It was black and my pants were blue.

It felt very great.